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Pizza in Town

Pizza additives
in the best quality

Mega a lot
pizza additives and cheese

Delicious garlic dressing
with fresh garlic

Real cheese


Offer for companies

It's hard to work when you're short of energy and the maraschins are playing ... It's enough to motivate one to work and rebuild the strength of your team.

Besides providing energy, a common meal break is also a great way to integrate. These few moments devoted to regeneration, combined with the feast for the palate, will bring tangible benefits to the team's efficiency. Pizza Station offers cooperation in providing meals to your company. We offer a convenient system of clearing overwrappers and discounts for larger orders.

Advantages of ordering at Pizza Station for businesses:

  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Discounts for larger orders
  • Service companies from Wroclaw and surrounding areas *
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Hotel services and accommodation

If you offer hotel services or accommodation, we encourage you to recommend Pizza Station to its clients.

It is as if your visitor will remember your stay in Wroclaw depends on many factors. Much of the good memories are influenced by the food you will have during your stay. We can work together to leave the best memories to your customers and to make your stay with only good associations .... in the end everyone wants to go back to where he was good.

If you are interested in advertising materials (leaflets, room menus, billboards / posters at reception) - please contact us by the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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